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Converting Clutter into Cash!

February 3, 2010

Alchemists believed that you could transform the properties of base metals and create gold. 

Many of us have a hidden gold stash in our homes…our clutter!  During the last two weeks, I have sold three items and pocketed $150 from those sales! 

There are all sorts of ways to convert clutter into cash. 

eBay – Even with the listing, selling, and paypal fees, this is a great source for selling items.  It’s easy to learn and as long as you are correct in your descriptions, pack your items carefully, and ship promptly, you can make a profit.  One year, I averaged over $1,000 per month as I went through my first uncluttering phase. 

Consignment stores are another great way to move items out of your home and make some money on the side!  Call the stores near you to find out what their guidelines are.  It often takes several months to sell and collect your percentage of the items you consign.  The upside is that once the items are out of your house, you don’t have to do anything else except call and pick up your check! 

Craigslist – The primary advantage is the free listing service and most of your buyers are local, thus eliminating the hassle of shipping items. 

Yard sales – I was once a yard sale queen!  My friend, Kathryn, and I held two or three yard sales annually for five years!  The adage of your junk being someone else’s treasure is true!  What we did not sell, we repacked for the next garage sale.  After repacking the same unsold items two times, we donated what was left after the third sale.  You can literally earn hundreds of dollars in one day while watching lots of items be taken away by their new owners! 

If you have old, worn gold jewelry that is not worth the cost of repair, you can sell the gold.  Some jewelers offer this service as well as for silver items. 

These are some of the more common methods for selling items you are no longer need or want. 

Look around to discover what you can transmute into gold! 

Sold on eBay!


Sold on Craigslist!