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It’s the Little Stuff that is So Overwhelming!

January 20, 2010

Last week I began uncluttering my bathroom.  The project was an offshoot of my not being able to find my thermometer.   As I started taking things off the shelves, opening drawers, and searching underneath the sink, I decided to organize all the little things that had accumulated.

Originally, I was not concerned about getting rid of half of what is there, because it’s all stuff I regularly use, right?

Ha!  I opened up my medicine cabinet and as I straightened up the shelves, I realized I have five boxes of band aids!   And then I got to my first aid kit and found three more boxes!  Then there was the three storage containers of hair clips (haven’t worn a barrett in over a year), most of which were from when I had longer and thicker hair.  I recognized some that I’ve stored for…gulp…over 15 years!

So here’s what I’ve accomplished.

I consolidated the band aids, threw away old cosmetics, and placed items such as never used combs in my donate pile.  I also gave away a glass bowl I kept on the counter, I have two others on it and don’t need three.

An old seashell night-light (circa 1986) was also given away.

Items are now in boxes with lids and labelled.  I have enough towels for company and me. 

One drawer is empty and the others are less crowded.

I organized the linen shelves and got rid of mismatched containers that did not stack.

I acknowledged I was never going to use most of the hair and nail products I bought and said good-bye to those.

I learned that when I find something I like, I buy multiples…and usually more than I will use.

But most of all, I realized how much little stuff there is around me.  Hair items, nail products, cosmetics, shower gels, first aid supplies (in addition to my kit), dental items, there was far more than I need.  It’s the small stuff that is overwhelming to sort.

And I never did find the thermometer!


Help! I’m overrun with food storage containers!

January 12, 2010

This was an amazing weekend as I uncluttered room by room.  I will go back and sort some more but I wanted to move out as much as I could in one day. I was doing great…until I got to the kitchen and opened up the cabinet where I keep my food storage containers.  Help!  Plastic containers and lids fell out of the cabinet and on the floor, all different shapes and sizes!   

As I sorted and decided what to keep, I realized we buy items in sets.  I take my lunch and store leftovers but how many containers do I really need?A quick search on the Internet for food storage containers brought up several great deals.  I can buy 48 containers with lids and two storage systems for $19.99.  I’d have to store a lot of food to use 48 containers!  Many companies sell their leftover food containers in sets of 3 to 8 pieces.   Some are quite pricey!   

Instead of believing more stuff is better…I believe less is best!   

Excess food storage containers...and they are gone!

Great Resolutions, Not So Great Follow Through

December 27, 2009


More Space after the sort!


Have you ever decided to begin a new hobby or project?  I have and after thinking about what I’d like to learn or do, I then purchase books and materials to get started.  I have the best of resolutions…and usually less than great follow through! 

Yesterday I organized my closet bookcase.  I originally culled 24 items and left more than half of what I had at the beginning.  I carefully scrutinized what I was keeping and realized that two years ago, I was going to re-learn Latin.  I spent hours going to different bookstores and purchasing several beginning Latin textbooks.  Then I spent more money ordering additional study materials.  Guess what?  I studied about 10 minutes on this project and the books have been sitting in my bookcase ever since.  I asked myself, am I passionate about learning Latin again?  And the answer is, no, so now those books are in my “get rid of” pile.  I am happy to report that I was able to eliminate 30 items and kept 22!  Yippee!  More than 50% are gone! 

I estimated how much money I spent on these books I’ve never read.  Enough said!  

What was neat about going through each book is that I found a book I thought to be long-lost that I had been thinking about last week! 

Now what will I do with the 30 books that I wish to move out of my house? 

I have a friend who may be interested in one book so I emailed her to see if she wants it.  I took another and put it into my gift box as I have several friends for whom this would be a great gift.  Nine other books are ready to go to the Westpark Recycling Reading Room.   I’ll look on eBay later to see if the others can be sold.  I will list those today and for any that are not sellable, I’ll donate those on Monday to West Houston Assistance Ministries, one of my favorite places to take items so they can be resold in their store.  You can find out more about this group at  

I am excited about my head start with this New Year’s resolution, as I am already producing results!   

How the bookcase looked before sorting

A Return to My College Lifestyle

December 20, 2009

During a conversation with a friend this weekend, I reminisced about one of my moves during college.  I loaded everything I owned into my passenger vehicle and was able to move all my belongings in two car loads!  I used a 3 drawer cardboard container for my lingerie.  I had very few outfits, most of what I wore were jeans, boots, and t-shirts.  One of the biggest items I owned was a stereo system with large speakers.  I had a minimal amount of office supplies (primarily notebook paper and highlighters); a small amount of make up, very little jewelry, my Instamatic camera, and few decorative or collectible items.   I was living a minimalist life before it became a lifestyle descriptor!

I’m ready to lighten my load.  Today I gave a cute ball cap to Chris after our walk.  Yesterday I removed 50% of the books on one bookshelf and donated them to the reading room at the recycling center.  I began looking at items in my bathroom and what’s in my kitchen cabinets.  I no longer wish to invest the time it takes to maintain all these items!

The first photo is the bookshelf before I took action.  The second photo is what I decided to keep.  What a nice change! 

I’m turning back the clock to my former college lifestyle of living with less!