Fast Project #3 Toss Stuff from Your Medicine Cabinet!

Medicine Cabinet - Easy Project #3


I took 30 minutes and returned to my bathroom medicine cabinet to see how it could be tweaked.   

Cleaning the medicine cabinet is one of those quick organizing projects that can be completed in half an hour or less.   We tend to crowd items into it without removing things that have been in there for years. 

It was so easy!  I found some medicine that was clearly past its expiration date…gone!  I also found travel items that were moved to a drawer where I keep similar items.  I got rid of the mouthwash that I don’t like. 

You may remember that I cleared my bathroom at the beginning of the year.  This is proof that the second time around there’s always more stuff that is overlooked or kept during the first organizational effort. 

One, two, three…time to toss stuff from your medicine cabinet!  Let me know how long it takes and the results!


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5 Responses to “Fast Project #3 Toss Stuff from Your Medicine Cabinet!”

  1. terrysthinking Says:

    This looks very good. Where did you get the clear containers that fit in the medicine cabinet?

  2. ninni Says:

    Just a comment: please don’t throw medicine in the regular trash can! It should be taken to a pharmacy to be disposed of properly.

  3. habithacker Says:

    I love this idea of quickie decluttering projects.

    Strangely, my house has no medicine cabinets, but luckily I have lots of bathroom drawers. I guess I’m a big fan of “product” for hair, as well as makeup, moisturizers….you name it…because I do have to declutter the bathroom mess at least twice a year.

    If you have deep drawers, like I do, it’s helpful to compartmentalize them. I use empty tissue boxes, cut most of the tops off, and then label: e.g. manicure, tooth stuff, sunscreen, etc.

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