Childhood Memorabilia

Special Childhood Box

I use one of my dresser drawers to keep small memorabilia items, including some from my childhood.  Last month, I was organizing these items and came across a gift I received before I was 9 years old. 

It was a small, rectangular painted box.  I loved this gift because it looked like a regular box but to open it, you had to find the hidden switch. 

I stored my childhood treasures in it and as I opened it, I discovered two acorns that were obviously important to me when I was younger.  I also found a turkey wishbone, still intact, from a Thanksgiving dinner held at my aunt’s.  I remember how two of us discovered it simultaneously and both grabbed an end.  I won the match and the wishbone was mine!  The box also held an old skate key on a red piece of string and a circular key chain engraved with my name and address.  The best item was for magic tricks, two pieces of cardboard that you could flip open from either side and the toy paper money inside moved from side to side.

It was so much fun to remember these childhood moments!  And then I wondered, why do I really need two acorns and an old skate key?  Most of the items were tossed…other than the box and the key ring (which is now in my memorabilia box).

And the wonderful trick wooden box now holds a $20 bill that will be a gift to my youngest nephew…as long as he can figure out how to open the box!

Childhood memorabilia…select a few meaningful items and redistribute the rest!

My next gift for my youngest nephew!


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3 Responses to “Childhood Memorabilia”

  1. Stacy Ryan Says:

    What a great way to keep memories alive AND declutter! Be sure to tell your nephew about all the “treasures” you saved in the box, and hopefully he, too, will will soon have his own treasures in the box.

  2. Mary C. Says:

    What fun!

  3. habithacker Says:

    This is simply lovely. What a treasure for your nephew. I’m so impressed that you’ve been able to purge your childhood memorabilia. I find that so difficult. I know you’re supposed to take a photograph and get rid of the actual thing, but to me I then lose that sensory buzz I get in touching the item and reliving the memory…

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