The Second and Third Times Around

Good Bye to the Stair Stepper!

Gone! Good bye to the stair stepper!


Uncluttering your home  is easy the first time, there are obvious items to donate, sell, recycle or gift.  However, there’s a reward when you go back the second and third time to unclutter, as items you thought you’d never let go of suddenly become things you wonder why you saved. 

I’m uncluttering for the ninth or tenth time around and it’s interesting to think about why an object or article or clothing was so important to keep when I am still not using or wearing it.  I also think about the things I’ve kept stored in boxes.  If they are important to me, then my priority should be to make space and display or use them. 

One lesson learned is the more often I touch something, the more important it is to keep!  This makes it easier to part with items stored away because the old adage, out of sight, out of mind, applies. 

I took a break from uncluttering my home for a few months, although every week, a few items would be carried to the car to donate.  Now I’m back on track, discovering that I’m happier as more space becomes visible and I have less to dust or walk around. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of an item because there is an emotional attachment, not to the item itself, but to the memories it evokes.  Last week I sold a stair stepper machine.  It took me months to decide it was time to let it go.  I finally acknowledged that I was not 40 anymore and no longer awake and exercising at 4:30 a.m.!   Now it’s gone and someone else is actually using it! 

I challenge you to make the second and third uncluttering rounds of your home.  What will you find that you kept the first time and no longer need or want?



2 Responses to “The Second and Third Times Around”

  1. Stacy Ryan Says:

    This is a great idea. From time to time I’m able to walk through a room and say “time to go,” though I never feel like I’m making progress. Perhaps I need to make a game out of multiple “walkthroughs” to finally clear out items that really should go, even though my emotional attachment makes that difficult.

  2. Kim Gebron Says:

    Focus on one room, start wherever you’d like, and move in the same direction around the room. Literally look at every item and ask yourself these questions: “When did I get this? Do I like it? Do I use it? Do I still want it?” If any of the answers are “no,” it’s time for it to go!

    Another thing I do is decide what percentage of items must leave or a specific number and then I keep track as I decide what to move out.

    Good luck!

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