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Cleaning out my Closet…

May 31, 2010

A few weekends ago I scheduled a Feng Shui consultation.  Naturally, I wanted my home as organized and clean as possible so the consultant ( would give me the best advice possible!   

I anticipated she would open doors and look in my closets so I decided I could quickly organize two of them enough so they would reflect orderliness in my life.   

Closet Before Organizing

My clothes closet was simple.  I tackled the top shelf because that’s where it’s easiest to toss things to store.  There was a lot of stuff that had been randomly tossed onto the shelf.  So I took everything off of it and placed the items on my bed.    

I grouped like items with like and then looked at how much I had of each.  I’m reluctant to get rid of my extra pillows (good for napping on the couch and for overnight guests) so those stayed.   I took small evening bags and clutches and put them into labelled containers.   As I was sorting, I realized that most of what I had I planned to keep, it merely needed to be better organized.  So that’s what I did for the top shelf and you can see from the photos what a difference it makes!   

Sometimes it’s not always about getting rid of items but how they are stored.  I’ve done several closet unclutterings over the last two years and it was a matter of limited space for what I wanted to keep.    

My hiking boots were purchased 7 or 8 years ago.  They have not been on my feet for at least 5 years and each time I’ve cleaned my closet, I have put them back under the shoe rack.  This time I asked myself if I would use them at any time during the remainder of this year and when my answer was unequivocably “no,” I moved them into my donation pile.    

I also removed the rack upon which my laundry basket sat.  I never really liked it and thus, there’s no reason to keep it!   

Now all that’s left is to sort through my clothes…and that can wait until another day!   

Ready for my Feng Shui consult!


P.S.  The Feng Shui consultation was incredible!  My consultant made some excellent and easy to implement suggestions.  One of the things she had me do was to turn my dining room table 45 degrees.  What a difference it makes in the energy and space of the room!  If you live in Houston or the nearby vicinity, go to this website for more information! 


Fast Project #3 Toss Stuff from Your Medicine Cabinet!

May 14, 2010

Medicine Cabinet - Easy Project #3


I took 30 minutes and returned to my bathroom medicine cabinet to see how it could be tweaked.   

Cleaning the medicine cabinet is one of those quick organizing projects that can be completed in half an hour or less.   We tend to crowd items into it without removing things that have been in there for years. 

It was so easy!  I found some medicine that was clearly past its expiration date…gone!  I also found travel items that were moved to a drawer where I keep similar items.  I got rid of the mouthwash that I don’t like. 

You may remember that I cleared my bathroom at the beginning of the year.  This is proof that the second time around there’s always more stuff that is overlooked or kept during the first organizational effort. 

One, two, three…time to toss stuff from your medicine cabinet!  Let me know how long it takes and the results!

Childhood Memorabilia

May 9, 2010

Special Childhood Box

I use one of my dresser drawers to keep small memorabilia items, including some from my childhood.  Last month, I was organizing these items and came across a gift I received before I was 9 years old. 

It was a small, rectangular painted box.  I loved this gift because it looked like a regular box but to open it, you had to find the hidden switch. 

I stored my childhood treasures in it and as I opened it, I discovered two acorns that were obviously important to me when I was younger.  I also found a turkey wishbone, still intact, from a Thanksgiving dinner held at my aunt’s.  I remember how two of us discovered it simultaneously and both grabbed an end.  I won the match and the wishbone was mine!  The box also held an old skate key on a red piece of string and a circular key chain engraved with my name and address.  The best item was for magic tricks, two pieces of cardboard that you could flip open from either side and the toy paper money inside moved from side to side.

It was so much fun to remember these childhood moments!  And then I wondered, why do I really need two acorns and an old skate key?  Most of the items were tossed…other than the box and the key ring (which is now in my memorabilia box).

And the wonderful trick wooden box now holds a $20 bill that will be a gift to my youngest nephew…as long as he can figure out how to open the box!

Childhood memorabilia…select a few meaningful items and redistribute the rest!

My next gift for my youngest nephew!

The Second and Third Times Around

May 4, 2010
Good Bye to the Stair Stepper!

Gone! Good bye to the stair stepper!


Uncluttering your home  is easy the first time, there are obvious items to donate, sell, recycle or gift.  However, there’s a reward when you go back the second and third time to unclutter, as items you thought you’d never let go of suddenly become things you wonder why you saved. 

I’m uncluttering for the ninth or tenth time around and it’s interesting to think about why an object or article or clothing was so important to keep when I am still not using or wearing it.  I also think about the things I’ve kept stored in boxes.  If they are important to me, then my priority should be to make space and display or use them. 

One lesson learned is the more often I touch something, the more important it is to keep!  This makes it easier to part with items stored away because the old adage, out of sight, out of mind, applies. 

I took a break from uncluttering my home for a few months, although every week, a few items would be carried to the car to donate.  Now I’m back on track, discovering that I’m happier as more space becomes visible and I have less to dust or walk around. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of an item because there is an emotional attachment, not to the item itself, but to the memories it evokes.  Last week I sold a stair stepper machine.  It took me months to decide it was time to let it go.  I finally acknowledged that I was not 40 anymore and no longer awake and exercising at 4:30 a.m.!   Now it’s gone and someone else is actually using it! 

I challenge you to make the second and third uncluttering rounds of your home.  What will you find that you kept the first time and no longer need or want?