Easy Project #2

I was inspired last week by a friend when we cleared out her pantry and spice rack.  I came home and in less than one hour, emptied my refrigerator and spices of all items that should no longer be used. 

One place I reference in order to know how long canned foods and condiments stay fresh is http://stilltasty.com/.  This is an incredible website and easy to use.  You merely type in the name of the product you wish to search.  Information is given on how long it can sit on the shelf unopened before the item begins to change composition or how long you can safely use it after it’s open.

Using their guidelines, I threw out several opened products that were no longer good to use.

Try it!  Post your results as well as realize how important it is to buy food that will actually be eaten.   Let me know how you do.


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4 Responses to “Easy Project #2”

  1. Claycat Says:

    What a great site! Thank you for that link. I bookmarked it for my tools section.

  2. Chris Sommer Says:

    Great reference – thanks!

  3. Odette Says:

    Thanks for the site. I was just wondering, last night, how long you can keep opened worchestershire sauce. Now I know!

  4. Neva Says:

    Gee! That spice rack/pantry sounds sooo familiar. Forwarded the link to several friends. Just because I can’t get them onboard the declutter bandwagon, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the website postings. Thanks, Kim!

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