Life’s Priorities does not include Stuff!

During the last month, I learned a lesson that you may already know.  Life’s priorities does not include stuff! 

My boyfriend had surgery and his three-hour operation extended to seven.  Thus, both his hospital stay and recuperation time were longer than expected. 

We set up an office at his home since he cannot drive for two weeks.  As I moved items from my home to his, I realized that if these items were to disappear permanently from my life, I would not miss them.  Yes, there are memories of when I bought each one and why I picked it out at that time.  But during my wait at the hospital while he was under anesthesia, my energy and focus was on him…not my things! 

I am doing another sweep through my home and my pile of items to donate and sell has grown.  The last few  weeks were an important reminder that relationships with people are what is important in life…not the possessions we acquire. 

Closet items to go!


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5 Responses to “Life’s Priorities does not include Stuff!”

  1. Stacy Ryan Says:

    This is so true, and a great reminder to focus on what’s important in life!

  2. Sky Says:

    Isn’t it a shame that so often it takes a serious life situation before we realize what is truly important?
    I hope your boyfriend is doing well.

  3. Claycat Says:

    Sending you and your boyfriend love and healing thoughts!

  4. Christine Sommer Says:

    Important realization! Congrats Ms Kim!!!

  5. Shawn Says:

    You’re so right! It seems so often we are living for our stuff rather than our stuff providing HELP to our life.

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