Discovering Hidden Treasures!

Discovered Treasures!

The beauty of thoroughly uncluttering and eliminating items from my home is the discovery of hidden treasures!

While organizing the kitchen utensil drawer, I came across a forgotten nut pick! 

My cats are happy because I also found two bags (one unopened) of catnip.  I promptly put some on their scratch posts and they are having a fine time!

I had forgotten about a pet brush that ionizes as you brush.  One of my cats liked it; the others attacked it!   That office supply drawer (obviously the wrong place for storing two pet grooming items) also yielded a pet comb.   My vet had recently recommended this type of comb for my cats! 

Another wonderful find:  a great photo of my SO and me from a New England vacation and since I also unearthed an unused frame, it is now sitting on my work desk.   Perfect!

Best of all, as I unpacked a box of kitchen items, I rediscovered a set of dessert plates, tea kettle, and cups.  I bought these when I was 19 or 20 from a retail store where my friend, Carol, worked part-time during college.  The colors and design have always been one of my favorites.   It’s amazing to me that they still rank near the top of my kitchen ware as items I truly enjoy having.  You can see the colors and style in the photo on top. 

How fine to discover hidden treasures!


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3 Responses to “Discovering Hidden Treasures!”

  1. Christine Sommer Says:

    You make organizing sound so fun!!!

  2. Claycat Says:

    I occasionally find my pet brushes again, and then lose them again. LOL!

    I have some things packed away. When I open them, I’m sure I will find some treasures. I’m also hoping to find some items I don’t mind parting with! 🙂

  3. DebraC Says:

    Yes, it’s funny how over time, your memory starts to fade. Finding hidden gems stored away in the house certainly helps to rekindle good memories.

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