Late Night Fun Idea #1

Refrigerator with everything stuck on the front


I’m receiving the coolest comments on this blog, including those who share their current organizing successes.   

Last night I had a fun idea…why don’t we all unclutter the same area and then report on our outcomes?    

We can start with something small and even if you’ve recently gone through it, we often become more discerning about what we wish to keep the second time around.  

I’m beginning with my refrigerator!  Not the contents inside but the magnets, photos, memo pads, clips and other things I’ve got hanging on the doors.   The first photo is with everything I had on the front and sides of the refrigerator.  The next photo is the front after I uncluttered.  There are four more items on its’ side.  I put five photographs into my “Photo Scan” box as the current pictures are posted.  I realized I have not used the clips in more than a year and I had excess magnets.  Total tally:  37 items originally on the refrigerator and 14 after culling.  I’m donating 18 items.  

Take a look at yours, figure out if you can reduce what’s on it, and send me your results!  

The "After" Results of the front


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4 Responses to “Late Night Fun Idea #1”

  1. Sky Says:

    I was force to clean my fridge! It died on Christmas Eve so I had to clean it inside and out. My new one has 4 small magnets on the front and a small calendar on the side.
    Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

  2. Christine (themusiclivez) Says:

    I have always loved the look of a decluttered fridge! Right now there are three magnets and a photo on the side of our fridge, nothing on the front!

  3. Chris Sommer Says:

    Kim – LOVE YOUR LATE NIGHT FUN IDEA!!!! Love the idea of decluttering one item together as a group!!! Fortunately a clean and organized refrigerator has always been important to me.

    Now if we want to talk about cleaning the insides, then maybe that is something I can participate in!!!


  4. Colleen Says:

    I too have a tidy fridge. At one stage there were quite a few magnets and things on it but I got over that and now is has a white board for messages and nothing else. Sometimes I rinse out snap lock baggies and dry them on the side of the fridge with magnets but I am trying to cut down on those for the sake of the environment.

    Great job Kim maybe you can come up with some other problem area we can all work on.

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