It’s the Little Stuff that is So Overwhelming!

Last week I began uncluttering my bathroom.  The project was an offshoot of my not being able to find my thermometer.   As I started taking things off the shelves, opening drawers, and searching underneath the sink, I decided to organize all the little things that had accumulated.

Originally, I was not concerned about getting rid of half of what is there, because it’s all stuff I regularly use, right?

Ha!  I opened up my medicine cabinet and as I straightened up the shelves, I realized I have five boxes of band aids!   And then I got to my first aid kit and found three more boxes!  Then there was the three storage containers of hair clips (haven’t worn a barrett in over a year), most of which were from when I had longer and thicker hair.  I recognized some that I’ve stored for…gulp…over 15 years!

So here’s what I’ve accomplished.

I consolidated the band aids, threw away old cosmetics, and placed items such as never used combs in my donate pile.  I also gave away a glass bowl I kept on the counter, I have two others on it and don’t need three.

An old seashell night-light (circa 1986) was also given away.

Items are now in boxes with lids and labelled.  I have enough towels for company and me. 

One drawer is empty and the others are less crowded.

I organized the linen shelves and got rid of mismatched containers that did not stack.

I acknowledged I was never going to use most of the hair and nail products I bought and said good-bye to those.

I learned that when I find something I like, I buy multiples…and usually more than I will use.

But most of all, I realized how much little stuff there is around me.  Hair items, nail products, cosmetics, shower gels, first aid supplies (in addition to my kit), dental items, there was far more than I need.  It’s the small stuff that is overwhelming to sort.

And I never did find the thermometer!


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4 Responses to “It’s the Little Stuff that is So Overwhelming!”

  1. Sky Says:

    I have always stayed well stocked both in the kitchen and bathroom but I’m finding too much of everything is overwhelming. As my supplies dwindle down, I am only storing one extra so I don’t completely run out.
    It is easier to stay organized and I don’t lose track of what I have.
    Enjoy your blog!

  2. George Says:

    I only tend to keep one extra of stuff that I know I won’t change as I’m a bit of a product tart – always trying something else to see if it makes a difference. When I sorted my make up drawer I found 5 nail clippers and 5 tweezers – not that I ever have found one in a hurry!

  3. Mary English Says:

    I am guilty of all the sins of buying another product when I can’t find the one I bought probably 2 weeks before. We have discovered a way to keep the clutter down in the bathroom cabinets — buy one of those monster sized packages of toilet paper from Sam’s or Costco. Then put all of it in the cabinet. Viola! No room for other clutter.

    I plan to tackle the kitchen cabinets this weekend. One problem with all the decluttering is that it keeps leading to another cabinet or closet. So far I’ve gained space in one whole closet!

  4. Katie Says:


    In my last apartment, friends were helping me move out.

    I put Julie and Ed in charge of the kitchen.

    As I made my nervous rounds during the moving frenzy, Ed exclaimed “Look! You have twenty tubes of Crazy Glue!”, he laughed. So’ enuf- I did!

    I would have sworn I had not a one. I am always worried about the top gluing shut (not to mention my fingers) so that is the only explanation for the proliferation of Crazy Glue!

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