Help! I’m overrun with food storage containers!

This was an amazing weekend as I uncluttered room by room.  I will go back and sort some more but I wanted to move out as much as I could in one day. I was doing great…until I got to the kitchen and opened up the cabinet where I keep my food storage containers.  Help!  Plastic containers and lids fell out of the cabinet and on the floor, all different shapes and sizes!   

As I sorted and decided what to keep, I realized we buy items in sets.  I take my lunch and store leftovers but how many containers do I really need?A quick search on the Internet for food storage containers brought up several great deals.  I can buy 48 containers with lids and two storage systems for $19.99.  I’d have to store a lot of food to use 48 containers!  Many companies sell their leftover food containers in sets of 3 to 8 pieces.   Some are quite pricey!   

Instead of believing more stuff is better…I believe less is best!   

Excess food storage containers...and they are gone!


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7 Responses to “Help! I’m overrun with food storage containers!”

  1. Sky Says:

    I believe less is best too. When I de-cluttered my kitchen cabinets I threw out any storage container without a matching lid. I only kept what I realistically use and freed up so much space.

  2. Christine Sommer Says:

    Less can certainly be best! In terms of taking advantage of a good deal, you could always take what you need, donate or gift the rest! Great job with the clearing of your stuff. You’ll have to write a testimony of your good services after you are done!!!! 🙂

  3. Mary Turner Says:

    I cleaned my kitchen this weekend too. Mostly things in the refrig that needed to be thrown away. I realized how much stuff I buy and never consume before the expiration date. Less is more!

  4. George Says:

    I used to have an addictio to food storgae containers, and why not! Howver a while ago those with no matching lids/bottoms got chucked out and a few I never used got recycled. Now I have one large plastic tub with all of the useful ones (with lids on!) stacked inside. Much simpler

  5. Claycat Says:

    When I had an estate sale for my MIL, I put all the food storage containers on the “free” table. I only have a few myself, just what I need. It helps me keep up with leftovers better, too.

  6. Morfydd Says:

    I know it sounds cheesy, but the SmartSpin (or choose your knockoff brand) containers are in fact really really useful and nice to store. The spinner/holder fits perfectly into a bottom drawer in the kitchen for easy retrieval. Also, replacements are incredibly cheap on Ebay so I feel no guilt about throwing away the “experiments” I find in the back of the refrigerator.

    I’m currently working in Germany, and didn’t bring the SmartSpin containers with me, which I kind of regret. So I went to Ikea, bought two of their Pruta sets, and gave away all the littlest containers in them. Everything stacks into the big flat container, and I only have 2 sizes of lids to deal with (plus the lids for the big flat container, which go underneath).

    It really helps control my hoarding urge – I can’t keep butter tubs or whatever, because they won’t work with the system!

  7. LDH Says:

    This is one area in my life I have completely in order. I have a large basket that holds all my bottoms, and a container that has a “clip on” lid (with a handle) that stores all the tops. I rummage through the basket to find what I want, then I pull the entire container of lids out and set it on the counter (the handle is on the lid, so I can pull it out with one hand), find the right cover, and then put that back (it rests on top of the basket of bottoms). I go through every few months and get rid of what has lost a top/bottom.

    I also am proactive about bringing my own tupperware. If I go somewhere for a large potluck/holiday meal, I bring my own so I can still bring home leftovers without having other stuff migrate home with me. When I do get migrants, I give them away with cookies or other things as soon as I can.

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