Great Resolutions, Not So Great Follow Through


More Space after the sort!


Have you ever decided to begin a new hobby or project?  I have and after thinking about what I’d like to learn or do, I then purchase books and materials to get started.  I have the best of resolutions…and usually less than great follow through! 

Yesterday I organized my closet bookcase.  I originally culled 24 items and left more than half of what I had at the beginning.  I carefully scrutinized what I was keeping and realized that two years ago, I was going to re-learn Latin.  I spent hours going to different bookstores and purchasing several beginning Latin textbooks.  Then I spent more money ordering additional study materials.  Guess what?  I studied about 10 minutes on this project and the books have been sitting in my bookcase ever since.  I asked myself, am I passionate about learning Latin again?  And the answer is, no, so now those books are in my “get rid of” pile.  I am happy to report that I was able to eliminate 30 items and kept 22!  Yippee!  More than 50% are gone! 

I estimated how much money I spent on these books I’ve never read.  Enough said!  

What was neat about going through each book is that I found a book I thought to be long-lost that I had been thinking about last week! 

Now what will I do with the 30 books that I wish to move out of my house? 

I have a friend who may be interested in one book so I emailed her to see if she wants it.  I took another and put it into my gift box as I have several friends for whom this would be a great gift.  Nine other books are ready to go to the Westpark Recycling Reading Room.   I’ll look on eBay later to see if the others can be sold.  I will list those today and for any that are not sellable, I’ll donate those on Monday to West Houston Assistance Ministries, one of my favorite places to take items so they can be resold in their store.  You can find out more about this group at  

I am excited about my head start with this New Year’s resolution, as I am already producing results!   

How the bookcase looked before sorting


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2 Responses to “Great Resolutions, Not So Great Follow Through”

  1. Chris Sommer Says:

    I’m excited for you Kim. This is really really going to work out well for you. Thank you for one book you gifted to me earlier this year! 🙂

  2. Ellen Caldwell-Ng Says:

    I would like your trashy romance novels. Love Judith McNaught, Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts.

    I have always wanted to learn Latin. I find it fascinating! I don’t have enough space for them to give them a home though. Bummer.

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