Passion is the Deciding Factor!

Gifting to someone who wants to sew!

Giving to someone who is passionate about sewing!


I was explaining to Chris the other day why I am embarking on this adventure.  She understood what I mean to accomplish.  She succinctly stated:  “You are keeping only things that you are passionate about around you.”  And this is it!  This is what I am doing, examining every item in my life and asking if it brings joy and passion to me.  If it does, it stays!  And if it does not, it goes!  I just don’t have room in my life for things that are “so so.” 

And on that note, I realized I am no longer passionate about sewing.  I bought a new sewing machine a few years ago and have only used it to create sewing projects with Elizabeth, my friends’ daughter.  It has more features than I need and is kept on my closet floor.  I spoke with Elizabeth’s mom who agreed I can gift it to her, which I am doing today as one of her holiday presents.  I also realize I am no longer passionate about all the crafts projects I once enjoyed, my tastes have changed, and now I can eliminate many of them as well. 

It’s an easy yardstick with which to measure:  am I passionate about this item in my life?  If yes, I keep it!  And if not, it goes!


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3 Responses to “Passion is the Deciding Factor!”

  1. Susan O. Says:

    Kim, This is brilliant thinking and you have motivated me to consider tackling my “craft closet”. Thank you!

    • Kim Gebron Says:

      That’s the project I’m working on this weekend. I am amazed at all the crafts items I am storing that have not been touched in…well, years! Time for them to go!

  2. Laetitia Says:

    We’ve just moved so I had the opportunity to go through assorted “stuff” before packing it (didn’t mean we didn’t have to do the same thing in the new abode which is a bit smaller).

    I’ve retained a lot of craft stuff but I did get rid of a lot of things that I wasn’t using, couldn’t envisage using for quite a while (e.g knitting wool & needles) and expect to be able to readily beg / buy / borrow should I want it.

    Not sure I could commit to the 50% (or even 25%) idea at this stage of my life – all the best with that!

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