Pouf! It’s Gone!

I’m a professional organizer and often clients will give me items as a “thank you” and because they wish to have that object leave their home!   I took a sitting stool cushion that was well used…don’t ask me why…it caught my interest!  It’s black, scuffed, and the bottom is held together by duct tape!  It matches nothing in my home although my cats have enjoyed using it as a step stool to jump to the next higher piece of furniture!  It’s not even comfortable for seating or as a foot rest!  I photographed it and placed it in my car…it’s gone!

Time to convert clutter into cash!  I listed nine items tonight on eBay.  (You can check out my listings under my seller name:  Rosehilllady.)  What doesn’t sell will be donated next week after the listings expire.  My goal is to list anything new I have not used within the last two years that is appropriate for a holiday gift unless I know someone who can use that item.  I am carefully thinking about each item as I do not wish to burden my friends with additional clutter or things they will not use!

I have a book I’ve listed twice that has not sold.  It’s also in my car, the recyle center near me has a library for anyone to use so I often take books there.  (If you live in Houston, Texas, check out the Westpark Recyling Center for donating books and arts and crafts supplies:  http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/westpark.html.)

Pouf!  They’re gone!


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